How to live a life with the control of your feelings, thoughts and actions



Since 21 Century, people are getting more and more care about their health in both the body and the mind. Depending on the higher developed society, people are getting more stressful in the daily life, that is harmful to the health. Even though we have been developing a lot of new medicines, but it still did not truly help people for getting a higher quality life. Therefore, I am going to explain how the stress works on the body and mind, how it influences human being´s health, and then you will understand and learn how we can interfere stress, especially mental stress, do you believe if you have a good mindset then your body will feel better also?


At first, we talk about different stress we have. Anxiety, fear, depression, anger, sadness and so on are kinds of mental stress; physical overwork, wind, cold, heat, damp, dry and so on are kinds of physical stress. Physical stress can result in mental stress, and mental stress can physically influence our body. We will face different grade of stress every day, but it does not mean the stress you meet every day is only bad to your health, On the contrary, some moderate stress can help your body and mind to be ready for protecting yourself against those stress you will meet later, for example: a mild and suitable physical & mental training, even a moderate stress you meet in your work, study and daily life.


In the medical research area, we have proved that a short time heart ischemia can protect later a real cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury. In the practice, “the ice man” Wim Hof shows that “cold comfort” can help people against psychological and physiological disorder.  “cold comfort” is accomplished by deliberately putting the body into a temporary state of stress through controlled hyperventilated breathing and cold exposure. It is possible to build a resistance to stress stimuli in our environment. This method of course does not suitable to all of people especially those who have already chronic diseases or have a bad physiological condition.


It was said that physical training is easier than mental training. We can get a mental satisfaction, such as peace, harmony or happiness through training our body. But the effects are depended on how much you could work on the physical training and how much your body could stand it. Sometimes you maybe waste a lots energies but still did not get it.

We are human beings and we have emotions and feelings, it influences us sometimes badly and leads us to anxiety, anger and fear. Does the mind really influence our autonomic nervous system, even immune system? We know the bad emotions and feelings does, but with a bad effect and result. How could people get a good mindset always? how could you keep feeling happiness and calm? That needs a regular exercise and improvement in the life whatever you have a good personality or not.


Meditation is one of that mental trainings. Some people have learned about that and train themselves every day or several times a week, but when they come back to the real life, they forget what the meditation is. If you work 8 to 10 hours a day, during the time you still feel very stressful, such as anxiety, anger, fear or sadness, then your training does not help you so much and you will feel it is very hard to improve yourself.


How do you find a way to improve yourself when you could not focus on your mental training? 

Before you can perform the meditation, a conscious breath training is very important.  You need learn the breath techniques under the different conditions, such as a silent or a noisy environment, when you do physical training, when you have a bad feeling in the body or in the mind. At last you practice it in your daily life whatever you are working or not.  The last step is most difficult, it will take you a long time to achieve it. Then it will result in feeling calmer and more in control of your feelings and thoughts, and at the same time you did not feel tiredness because you get used to it.


However, if you even could not handle well this breath technique, or you feel boring and difficult to keep doing this training, then you can choose a physical stress upon your body to help you build faster up a resistance to stress stimuli. This physical stress should be a challenge to you, which means it should be difficult to you, such as to take a cold shower, to talk to a stranger, to stop a bad food or life habit, to do a fasting, to start a physical training, to talk the truth to your lover, to get the pleasure from a sex, or something you could not easily do it because you are scared or worried to face it. Before you decide to do this, the preparation in breath techniques and mindset are always important.


If you have tried everything you can but still feel so hard to reach your goal, which means you could not easily get calm down or control your feelings and thoughts, then you need a help from a professional therapist. By the way, the needle-free acupuncture treatment can also result in hypnosis effect according to my experience and the feedback from Japan. I will give you a personal recommendation according to your physiological and psychological conditions.